Adult Treehouses: Effective Uses Of Foam Roof Coatings

Tree houses are not just for kids anymore. The creativeness and expansion in the world of construction and tree houses has led to the creation of many amazing tree houses for adults. Whether you're building a tree house for hanging out or everyday living, you have to be considerate of the natural environments around you. A tree house creates a unique setting that features a lot of different elements than a traditional home. When you are planning on a tree house design, the roof that you consider is an important element. Instead of a traditional roof, your tree house structure would be better suited with a foam roof coating. These coatings have several advantages that cater to the tree house environment. Learning about the different functions that a foam roof serves can help you make an informed decision on your tree house roofing.

Seamless Application

When a foam roof is applied to your tree house it is done in a liquid form. This helps create a seamless application that will cover your entire tree house roof. By using the foam process, you can prevent any leaks or gaps in the tree house. This is ideal for controlling the climate inside the structure and preventing leaks. As the foam dries, it will expand and cover the whole roof area. Not only does this prevent leaks, but the foam material itself will not absorb any moisture. This type of foam roofing is known as closed cell roofing. The foam hardens to create an ideal runoff into any type of draining system that your tree house has.

Tree House Shape & Flexibility

Tree houses can be installed in different types of places. Because of their unique design, the shapes or roofs and different areas may not be the same as traditional houses. A foam roof coating can help ensure that every area is covered. The foam coating is very flexible, allowing you to add roof coating between branches or in hard to reach places. For example, some tree house roofs may be built right around the trunk of the tree. In this case, the foam can be applied right up to the trunk area to help fill in all of the gaps. It doesn't matter what shape your roof is in because the foam coating can adapt and be set up for your specific situation. This can offer a lot of protection underneath areas with small branches, falling leaves, and acorns. The foam coating can also be applied to your extra additions you have on your tree house. This includes extended overhangs, chimneys, or raised areas.

Roof Weight

When installing a tree house, every pound of weight must be accounted for. The tree house must have the proper support to handle the weight of both materials and people using the tree house. You can have proper roof protection and minimal weight added by choosing a foam roof coating. Foam roofs feature a lot less weight per pound when compared to standard roofing materials like shingles. High-quality foam coating typically weighs around 3 pounds per square foot. The total weight of the roof is a lot less than standard building materials like metal roofs or asphalt shingles. Keeping the roof lightweight can allow your tree house to be more stable and let you distribute weight to other elements like furniture or railing upgrades. A foam roofing specialist can work with your tree house contractor to develop a plan for the best weight distribution.

Get estimates on foam roofing products and labor costs by contacting a roofing company. Before calling, you should have basic measurement and square footage details for the tree house roof size.