Professional Roofing Services: 3 Green Roofing Solutions for Water Retention on Sloped Roofs

Green roofs are not only beautiful but also great for the environment. You can take advantage of the additional space for gardening. Although they are beautiful and practical in many ways, green roofing systems can be a headache when it comes to maintenance. They require a lot more care and attention than standard and regular roofing systems. In fact, green roofs with pitches steeper than 2:12 require additional supplemental measures that will stabilize the media and prevent it from sliding. On top of having to worry about the media, you also need to pay attention to the water retention of the roofing system. When they are installing green roofing system, here are three solutions that a professional roofing service may recommend to ensure that the roof can retain a sufficient amount of water for the plants to grow and flourish.

Opt for Mature Plants via Vegetated Mats

It's easier for mature and established plants to retain the water it needs, as it has strong roots. If you're concerned about issues surrounding water retention, the professional roofing services may want to calculate whether the underlying roofing structure can handle the weight of vegetated mats rather than individual plants. Flowers, shrubs and other plants are grown densely within the vegetated mats. This gives little room for water to drip off without getting absorbed and utilized by the plants.

In addition, vegetated mats have better foliage that can shade the underlying soil. This prevents water from being lost through evaporation. Installing vegetated mats does take a bit more effort and time. The professional roofing services will need to secure the various mats together at the seams in a discrete manner using various types of fasteners and nails. The nails must hold the vegetated mats securely in place without putting too much pressure on the plants and on the underlying soil.

Create a Drip Irrigation System to Distribute More Water Along the Upper Ridgeline

If the slope of your roof is too steep, the professional roofing services will have to spend a significant amount of time designing a drip irrigation system capable of distributing more water along the upper ridgeline of the roofing structure. Otherwise, water will flow down the slope of the roof too quickly to become absorbed by the plants.

The drip irrigation system is the most popular because it provides localized watering directly on the media. You don't have to worry that the water will flow down too quickly when a drip irrigation system is in use because drip systems actually rely upon a relatively low flow rate and operate at low pressures. Drip irrigation systems will also provide water to the green roofs for a longer amount of time and can be used on roofs of all shapes and sizes.

Cop Out by Choosing Hardier Plants

Changes to the roofing structure may not have to be made if you simply choose hardier plants. Depending on the size and the root structure of the plants, the professional roofing services may have to secure some part of the plant onto the underlying part of the roof using anti-slip cleats or anti-slip tees.

Hardier plants are generally able to survive drier temperatures and weather for prolonged periods of time. In fact, they might even be able to flourish in some rare circumstances.


Although beautiful, green roofs take a considerable large amount of time and money to install properly—especially on homes that have relatively steep roofs. The water will flow downhill due to gravity rather easily. The professional roofing services will have to come up with a solution for how make sure that the upper ridgeline retains a sufficient amount of water for the survival of the plants. Call a company like Stevens Roofing Corporation to get started.