What To Expect When You Get A New Roof

If you need a new roof on your house, you may be wondering what it entails. It may not be as simple as replacing the shingles. Sometimes the roof has to be rebuilt if the deck is rotted. Your contractor will give you an idea of what to expect after he or she has inspected your roof and determined what type of work needs to be done. Here is an overview of how a new roof is installed.

The Old Shingles Are Torn Off

This might be an optional step if the deck under the shingles is in good shape and there is only one layer of shingles on your roof now. In some places, local codes allow for two layers of shingles on a roof. If this is the case for you, you'll save money on your new roof because you won't have to pay for tearing the old roof off and disposing of it. If the old roof has to come off, the roofers pry off the shingles and toss them in a dumpster for disposal later. In addition, flashing in valleys and around vents is removed as well. If the flashing is still in good shape, it is possible to save it and use it again.

The Deck Is Repaired

All roofing material is torn off down to the bare plywood or deck. Then the deck is swept clean of debris so it is ready for the new roof. If part of the wood is rotted due to leaks, it is torn off and replaced. The damaged wood has to be repaired before new shingles are installed or it will continue to deteriorate. After repairs are made if they're needed, roofing felt is applied to the deck. This material acts as a moisture barrier that keeps the wood deck dry so it won't rot. This underlayer comes in big rolls that is spread out on the deck and stapled into place.

The New Roof Is Installed

The next step is to install the new asphalt shingles. These come in bundles that are stacked on the roof. The shingles look small from the street, but what looks like an individual shingle is actually a tab on a larger strip. A roofing shingle consists of three tabs. The shingles are nailed into place with a hammer or nail gun. This is labor intensive work, but it goes pretty fast when a crew is working on the job. The final step is to place the flashing back on the roof around vents, the chimney, valleys, and other protrusions. The flashing helps prevent leaks. It is made of metal and secured in place with adhesive.

Once the new roof is installed, the contractor hauls away all the debris and cleans up the construction mess. This may involve using a big magnet to find dropped nails so you don't have to worry about stepping on a nail that rolled off the roof. Constructing a new roof is a big job, but it usually goes fast since the contractor sends a crew of workers to the site. Bad weather may delay progress, but generally, you can expect the work to be completed in just a few days on an average size roof. To learn more, contact a company like Trinity Contracting & Construction.