Go Green When It Comes Time To Redo Your Roof

When it comes time to redo your roof, you might want to consider reusing an eco-conscious material in lieu of traditional asphalt materials. There are a variety of options that can help reduce your heat bill, as well as benefit the environment. Here are a few ideas.

White Tile Roofing

One interesting idea is to use a white tile roof. The benefit to using white colored roofing tiles is that they are perfect at reflecting the sun. These sorts of tiles are ideal if you live in a very hot climate and are concerned with spending lots of money on your air conditioning. Traditionally, you would have to get actual tile shingles, however there are now synthetic shingles that are made from polymers and painted white. So, if you don't have the budget for real tile, this is a great alternative.

Recycled Shingles

If you live in a cool climate, and reflecting the sun's heat is not a major concern for a good part of the year, then you might like to consider recycled shingles. Since you are not concerned with reflecting the heat, you can choose traditional dark colored shingles.You can find recycled wood shingles, as well as composite shingles that are made up of compressed materials. There are some compressed shingles that are even designed to look like slate tile (but are made of a mix of crushed stone material and polymers).

Solar Shingles

If you are really looking for a "green" roofing material, then you should consider using solar shingles. These are perfect for individuals who have decent sun exposure and would like to use that to power their home. The great thing about solar shingles is that you don't have to cover the entire roof in these solar shingles, you can have an array on the section of the roof where the sun hits the strongest. Solar shingles will match the look of a classical "asphalt" shingle look, so you could use these solar shingles and incorporate them into a large roof repair where you are installing recycled shingles that look like traditional asphalt.

You will have to speak with the roofing contractor about how to connect these shingles to a solar convertor. Many homeowners who install solar shingles do so because they are less "obvious" than large solar panels. However, the solar shingles do have to be connected to a convertor that is located in your home (often in the basement). So, you will need to plan out the wiring with the roofer and also consult an electrician to setup the downstairs converter/ inverter setup.