How to Keep Your Roof Drainage System Working Smoothly

If you own a home, you've no doubt heard that you should clean out your gutters in the fall and the spring, to help keep the water flowing away from you home. Allow the water to build up in your gutters, and it can back up into your attic and fall directly to the base of your foundation, seeping into your basement and causing deep ruts in your landscaping.

However, cleaning out your gutters is just one of several important maintenance chores that will help keep the inside of your home dry and help your roof to last for years to come.

How to maintain your roof drainage system

1. Clean out your gutters. While leaves are the major culprit when it comes to clogging your gutters, they aren't the only thing to watch out for. Small branches, twigs, and even shingles blowing off of your roof can land in your gutters and impede the water's flow away from your structure. That's why it's important to check your gutters periodically throughout the year, not just in the fall. If you have gutter guards, make sure to brush leaves and debris from the top of them so that water can enter the gutters.

2. Check your down spout connections. High winds during spring and fall storms can cause your down spouts to become unattached from your gutters. This allows the rain water and melting snow to be dumped right under your roof line. Make sure to walk around your home regularly and repair any holes or connections you may find in the down spouts.

3. Examine your system for rust and corrosion. If you have metal gutters, rust can quickly compromise their effectiveness. Be diligent about replacing any section that has obvious signs of rust damage.

4. Empty the traps at the base of your down spouts. Many roof drainage systems have metal traps installed at their base that collect leaves and other debris that many have gotten stuck in them. Emptying these traps will allow the water from the roof to continue out into your yard rather than pool at the base of the down spout and potentially entering your basement.

While maintaining your gutters and down spouts may seem like a chore that you can postpone, keeping your home's drainage system well-maintained can not only help keep your home looking attractive but also keep your family safe and dry all year long. For more gutter maintenance tips, talk to professionals like Hogan  Roofing.