Three Guidelines For Commercial Roof Maintenance

Hail, bad flashing, wind damage and lack of maintenance are the main contributing factors to poor roof conditions. While you can't control weather conditions, the latter is absolutely in your control. With this understood, you may not readily understand how to keep your commercial roof in tip top shape. To build on this understanding and protect your roof, consider the three tips issued in this article. 

#1: Consider getting a roof restoration

Roof restoration is one of the most effective and common forms of room maintenance. Instead of replacing your roof, roof restoration involves changing out tiles, fixing leaks and giving your roof a facelift until it is almost new. This restoration adds years back to your roof, at a reduced cost. Further, roof restoration is advantageous because the labor costs are much less, your business will not be interrupted during the work, the shingles and tile will be far more resistant to the sun's ultraviolet rays and you don't have to worry about disposal costs. Shop around for a great price on this restoration. Most business owners pay between $3 per square foot and $5 per square foot on commercial roof restoration. Be sure to ask for warranties whenever getting this level of work done. 

#2: Buy a roof maintenance plan

To be sure that you get the best performance from your roof, start investing in a quality roof maintenance plan. This maintenance will let you pay up front and enjoy preventative maintenance that keeps your roof durable. The average person pays approximately $128,000 in maintenance and repair costs throughout the lifespan of the roof. You may be able to offset some of these costs when you buy a maintenance plan upfront that gives you access to the best commercial roof contractors.

#3: Seal and protect your commercial roof

Buying a sealant for your commercial roof is an excellent investment into your building. Commercial roofing contractors apply sealant in the form of a clear material that acts as a protective layer for a long period of time. A roof sealant will protect your roof from moisture damage, make it fire resistant and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. You can buy a sealant for your roof for the cost of between about $375 and $1500. Shop around for a sealant between different commercial roof contractors. This way, you'll pay the price you can afford and will get excellent work that will hold your roof back from unnecessary damage.

Use these tips so that you can get all that you need out of your commercial roof maintenance. To learn more, contact a company like TRM ROOFING