Modern Homes & Roof Replacements: 3 Improvements That Are Worth Investing in When You Have a New Roof Installed

Any home with an asphalt shingle roof is going to need a roof replacement at some point. Even more modern homes are starting to need new roofs, but in just the past decade the technologies and products have evolved leaps and bounds. Today, you have the choice of different renewable energy options, such as solar shingles or green roofing materials. Aesthetic improvements and architectural details are also a good investment. Here are some of the different improvements that will give you a return on your investment when replacing your roof.

1. New Solar Shingle Products That Give Your New Roof Renewable Energy

Today, the cost of energy is constantly on the rise and your utility bills are steadily rising too. Reducing your dependence on the utility company for electricity is a great way to fight these costs. Solar energy has long been one of the best options for renewable energy, and now, there are solar shingles that can be installed on your roof to produce electricity. The solar shingles are roofing materials with flexible solar cells embedded in them. These solar roofing materials are aesthetically pleasing and less obvious than bulking conventional solar panels.

2. Cut Energy Loss with More Efficient Roofing Materials That Reduce Heat Gain and Loss

In addition to the solar shingles for renewable energy, you also have roofing materials available that reduce energy loss. Today, roofing underlayments, moisture barriers and shingles have been developed to reflect UV radiation. These materials are often referred to as cool roof systems because they help keep your home cool during summer. The energy efficient roofing materials also have the benefit of reduce heat loss during the winter months, and are worth the investment because of the energy savings that you get in return.

3. Aesthetic and Architectural Improvements That Add Value to Roof Replacement Projects

The improvements when you have a new roof installed can add value to your home in different ways. You may want to consider architectural details that give your home more of a custom design, such as adding dormer windows to the roof. Dormer windows can also be practical improvements that give your home more natural light when they are also finished on the inside. In addition, investing a little extra money in a covering for porches, decks or patios will also add value to your home.

Consider these improvements when you need your roof replacement, which will help increase the value of your home. If you need a new roof, contact a roof repair or installation contractor and talk with them about planning for some of these improvements.