Different Ways To Waterproof Your Roof

If you have water leaking into your home through the roof, you obviously want to solve the problem as soon as possible. Of course, the longer you wait, the greater the chance that moisture will damage your roof deck, which can lead to even further leaking. So, it is all about having your problem looked at as soon as possible. There are quite a few options for homeowners who need to waterproof their roof. This article explains the process and a few of the best options for a permanent, reliable solution.

Find the Leak

The first step is to find where the leak is on the roof deck. A roofing professional will need to get up on your roof and remove some of the roofing material to expose the roof deck. This is the best way to find leaking spots on the actual roof. Depending on the extent of the damage, you will have a couple of options. First of all, if the leaking area is only small, it can be instantly patched and waterproofed, and then the original roofing material can be reapplied.

Changing Your Roofing Material

If the leak on your roof is more extensive, you might need to take more drastic measures. That is, if the roofer is already removing a large portion of your old roof, it might be an ideal time to replace your entire roofing material. That is, they can remove all of your existing material before repairing the roof deck. Then, when all of the repairs are done, you can have a new product installed. Of course, this is going to make your project much more expensive, but it might be your only option. If you existing roofing material is so damaged that it is no longer water tight, any repairs you make to the roof deck will only be temporary.

It is actually a little more cost effective to have a new material installed while you are having the repairs done. The job is already halfway done, so it makes sense to just finish it and replace your roofing material once the repairs are complete. If you have already been thinking about replacing your roof, this could be the perfect time.

Roofers will use a number of technique to waterproof your roof deck. They could replace individual wood pieces, install metal flashing, and/or coat the deck in a waterproof spray foam. Regardless of it you have a new material installed, or just have your old roof material put back on, it is important that you have your roof waterproof immediately.