4 Ways To Take The Sting Out Of Your Next Roof Repair Bill

No homeowner enjoys facing roofing repair bills, especially when they come unexpectedly. At the same time, many roofing repairs are relatively urgent, as they can turn into larger and more serious problems if left ignored. Fortunately, there are some proactive and effective steps you can take to make paying for your roofing repairs easier on the pocketbook.

1. Catch Problems Early With Annual Inspections

One of the best ways to avoid the need for expensive roofing repairs is to catch roofing problems early on with annual inspections. Roof inspections are relatively inexpensive and involve having an experienced roofing professional inspect every square foot of your roof to be on the lookout for issues. When you have regular inspections done, you can generally avoid the need for costly repairs because you can tackle repairs while they're still small and inexpensive.

2. Ask About Payment Plans for Larger Repairs

If you've put off roofing inspections and are now facing a major roofing repair, ask your roofing company if they offer any kind of financing or payment plans to make paying for your repair a little easier. Most roofing companies will accept monthly payments on bills over a certain amount, which can take some of the sting out of your repairs. If your roofer doesn't offer payment plans, shop around for one that does.

3. Consider Scheduling an Off-Season Repair

If you're facing a non-urgent repair, ask about putting it off until later after peak-season (which is spring/summer for most roofing companies). There may be a temporary (and cheaper) solution that will get you by until then, and most roofing companies offer specials and discounts during the off-season that could save you a lot of money on your repairs.

4. Don't Forget About Home Insurance

If you have homeowners insurance, it's never a bad idea to check with your insurance agent to see if your repair might be covered. If your roofing damage was caused by a storm, high winds, or other covered events, there's a good chance that your home insurance policy will provide at least some coverage (or reimbursement) for your roofing repair, less any deductible that you may be responsible for.

Roofing repairs can quickly become expensive, but the good news is that there are always options to help make paying for your repairs easier. From finding a company like Berwald Roofing Inc that will allow installment payments to getting your insurance company to cover your costs, be sure to exhaust your options!