Six Things You Need To Do Before You Have Your Roof Replaced

The installation of your new roof will go more smoothly if you prepare properly beforehand. Before the roofers arrive, there are a few things you need to do to protect your property from damage and ensure safety around your home while your new roof is being installed.

The following are six things you need to do before you have your roof replaced:

Move your vehicles away from your home's perimeter

As roofers work, debris can easily fall down from your roof and hit anything that is located below. It's therefore not a good idea to keep any vehicles beneath the perimeter of your roof.

Furthermore, your roofers are probably going to request all the parking spaces that are closest to your home for parking their own trucks and work equipment. You should locate a spot some distance from your home where you can move your vehicles before the roofers arrive, in order to get them out of the way and avoid damage.

Take down any decorations that are hanging on your walls

As roofers are working overhead, your walls will probably begin to vibrate; this could cause wall hangings to fall off of your walls. Before roof work begins, you should take any wall hangings down to protect them from damage. 

Take your satellite dish off of your roof

If you have a satellite dish on your roof, you're going to need to take it down before roofing work begins. If you don't feel comfortable taking your dish down yourself, you should discuss the issue with your roofers. Your residential roofing company may be able to remove your dish for you if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Make sure there are no low-hanging branches in the way

Low-hanging branches that touch or come close to touching your roof are definitely going to create an obstacle for roofers. Therefore, they will need to be removed before your new roof can be installed.

Inform the roofing contractor of where all your outlets are located

Roofing contractors work with a variety of different power tools to handle a roof replacement. Your roofers are going to want to know where your outlets are so that they can plug in their equipment during the job. 

Let your neighbors know that work will be going on

As when you're doing any type of construction work around your home, you should notify your neighbors. Your neighbors will appreciate the heads-up because your new roof installation is likely to be a bit noisy. Neighbors may want to plan outdoor events for another day to avoid the distraction.