3 Things Besides Wind And Hail That Can Cause Your Roof To Leak

You might wonder about the condition of your roof after a bad storm passes through, but storms aren't the only thing that causes roof damage. Leaks can develop due to other causes, and it's always good to be on the lookout for roof problems so you can have repairs done early. Here are three things that can cause roof leaks in an asphalt shingle roof besides hail and wind.

1. Termites That Infest The Roof

Both subterranean and drywood termites can cause roof damage. They can attack from the outside or inside of your home. Termites are attracted to wood, so your roof is a good place for them to go about their destruction that could eventually lead to a roof leak.

The type of roof repairs needed for termite damage depends on the type of damage that has occurred. First, the termites have to be eliminated, and then the roofer can decide if rafters and the deck can be repaired or if they have to be replaced.

2. Gutters That Don't Drain Rain Away

You may hate the thought of cleaning out your gutters, but that's one home maintenance chore you can't put off. If you do, your roof could sustain water damage. When clogged or saggy gutters don't drain away rain, the rain can back up against the roof and cause the wood to rot away. Once the deck is damaged, holes can develop and allow rain to roll in the roof and cause water damage to your attic.

This problem can be prevented by keeping your gutters in good working order. If your roof is water damaged due to bad gutters, call a roofing contractor to make repairs before the damage gets so bad you have to repair water damage in your house too.

3. Poor Ventilation In The Attic

Poor attic ventilation causes your roof to heat up more than it should. Poor ventilation could also cause an increase in humidity that leads to dampness on the underside of the roof. Both of these problems age the roof faster and lead to roof leaks.

When you have roof damage due to poor ventilation, the roofer may need to put new shingles on or even replace part of the deck if it has rotted. The roofer will probably address the ventilation problem too by repairing old vents or putting in new ones to increase ventilation.

Since multiple things can threaten your roof, try to check the roof from inside your attic and from the ground with binoculars on a regular basis. If you see anything unusual, call a roof repair service to check it out so repairs can be done promptly if they're needed.