Common Questions About Using A Reflecting Roof Coating

It’s more common to see homeowners use reflective roof coatings, with it being one of the hottest roof trends of last year. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners out there not familiar with what a reflective roof coating is and what it can offer them. Here are some questions you may have about this very helpful coating:  What Is a Reflective Roof So Common? Reflective roof coatings are made using materials that can reflect the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Hidden Signs Of Roof Damage

Roof damage doesn’t always stare you in the face; it is not always about missing or cracked shingles. There are hidden signs of the roof that you may not notice if you are not looking for them. Here are a few examples of such hidden signs: Sections of the Roof Are Discolored There are many causes of roof discoloration so you shouldn’t automatically assume that your roof is damaged if it is discolored.

Three Ways To Take Care Of Your Roof

When you need the help of premiere roofing contractors, you need to take the time to vet their experience and put their skills to use. No matter what sort of home you own, it’s only worth as much as the work you put into the roof. Anyone looking to make the most out of their roof work needs to learn the ins and outs of roof care, which begins with some of the points below.

Answering Roof Replacement And Repair Questions For Homeowners

Being aware of the types of problems that your roof can be prone to experiencing and understanding the steps for addressing or avoiding these problems is critical information for anyone that owns a building. Failing to possess this type of basic information can lead to your building being far more prone to suffering potentially expensive problems. How Will You Know If You Need A Roof Inspection After Strong Storms? Strong storms can be a major threat to a roof, but your roof will not be damaged after every storm that moves through your area.

Interested In Making Repairs To Your Roof? 3 Reasons Fall Is The Ideal Season For It

If you’re concerned due to it being a long time since your rooftop has been maintained by a professional, it can be a good idea to bring in a contractor before winter arrives. If you’re unsure of how fall can be the best season for roof maintenance, you should look into the common issues that can come with roof maintenance and the benefits of taking care of it during fall.

Three Tips For Storm Damage Cleanup And Restoration

To be certain that you are getting the most out of your roof care you’ll need to learn how to respond to emergencies. If you happen to deal with a storm that creates damage to your home, this is an emergency that requires all hands on deck and the execution of the right information. With this in mind, read below to learn more about how you can bounce back from storm damage and plan for it accordingly.

Three Steps To Consider When You Need A New Roof

If you are in the market for a roof replacement, you’ll need to think about some of the most important tenets of roof ownership. Understanding when you need a new roof will allow you to follow the steps to keep your roof in quality condition. When you follow the tips in this article, you’ll be in a great position to find the help of a roofing contractor that can assist you in diagnosing and handling a roof replacement.

The Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofing

Are you thinking of re-roofing your roof or building a new structure that requires a roof? You will be faced with the decision of choosing which type of material you want to use. It is not a light decision – the roof is one of the most important parts of the house. It is there to protect you from the elements, keep in the heat in the winter and the cold in the summer, and can even be energy efficient depending on the type.

High Winds And Roofing: 3 Tips To Help Deal With Repairs After Storm Damage

In North America, most homes have asphalt shingle roofing, which are vulnerable to damage in high winds. With asphalt shingles, even a summer thunder storm can cause damage to roofing, which is why you want to prepare for any emergency repairs that you may need to have done for your home. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for some of the roof damage after storms cause damage to your home:

6 FAQs About Thermoplastic Olefin Roofing

If your business has a flat roof, one roofing option you must consider is thermoplastic olefin roofing material or TPO. This rubberlike material is great for flat roofs, but if you aren’t sure yet, check out these six frequently asked questions. What Are They Made From? In short, TPO roofs are made from ethylene propylene rubber. Basically, this means that rubber, ethylene and propylene are mixed together to create the roofing material.

Modern Homes & Roof Replacements: 3 Improvements That Are Worth Investing in When You Have a New Roof Installed

Any home with an asphalt shingle roof is going to need a roof replacement at some point. Even more modern homes are starting to need new roofs, but in just the past decade the technologies and products have evolved leaps and bounds. Today, you have the choice of different renewable energy options, such as solar shingles or green roofing materials. Aesthetic improvements and architectural details are also a good investment. Here are some of the different improvements that will give you a return on your investment when replacing your roof.

3 Ways To Protect Your Siding This Winter

Winter weather can be hard on the exterior of your home. If you have siding, heavy snow, rains, and other winter-related elements can be especially damaging to it. To help you protect your siding, here are a few precautions you can take. Secure Your Siding Throughout the year, the nails securing the siding can sometimes loosen. When this happens, ice, snow, and other and winds can pull the siding away from the home.

4 Things To Consider Before Having A New Roof Installed

Having a roof in a good condition is essential to protect the interior of a house from outdoor elements. Unfortunately, roofs eventually need to be replaced, whether due to damage from a major storm or from old age. Since having a new roof installed can be a large financial investment, it is a good idea to have a little bit of knowledge about roofs to help ensure that you get the best new roof possible.

Three Annoying Problems to Avoid After Having a Metal Roof Installed

Some people are under the misguided impression that a metal roof is a nuisance in the rain because it’ll magnify the sounds of the raindrops into a deafening roar. This is probably because they’ve experienced a rainstorm in a barn or outbuilding with an uninsulated roof, and they don’t realize it’s the lack of insulation that makes the roof loud rather than the material that the roof is made of. However, there are some things that can genuinely cause a metal roof owner grief, while not being likely to actually cause the roof to collapse.

Three Guidelines For Commercial Roof Maintenance

Hail, bad flashing, wind damage and lack of maintenance are the main contributing factors to poor roof conditions. While you can’t control weather conditions, the latter is absolutely in your control. With this understood, you may not readily understand how to keep your commercial roof in tip top shape. To build on this understanding and protect your roof, consider the three tips issued in this article.  #1: Consider getting a roof restoration

How to Keep Your Roof Drainage System Working Smoothly

If you own a home, you’ve no doubt heard that you should clean out your gutters in the fall and the spring, to help keep the water flowing away from you home. Allow the water to build up in your gutters, and it can back up into your attic and fall directly to the base of your foundation, seeping into your basement and causing deep ruts in your landscaping. However, cleaning out your gutters is just one of several important maintenance chores that will help keep the inside of your home dry and help your roof to last for years to come.

The Three Main Causes Of Roof Damage And How To Fend Them Off

Having to call the roofing company to repair or even replace your roof is never fun – and always a bit costly. Instead of waiting for damage to happen, why not take a preventative approach? Here’s a look at three main causes of roof damage and how to fend each of them off. Wind Wind can wreak havoc on a roof in so many ways. It can catch the edges of shingles that are already a bit loose, peeling them off completely.

Three Types Of Specialty Shingles To Consider For Your Home

Fifty or 60 year ago, asphalt shingles were asphalt shingles. You didn’t have a lot of different options aside from several color choices – and only the high-end brands offered anything other than black or brown. Today, however, asphalt shingles come in many varieties. Here’s a look at three types of specialty shingles you may want to consider for your home. Wind-Resistant Shingles If you live in a hurricane zone or even in an area where there’s the occasional windy thunderstorm, then wind-resistant shingles are a great choice for your home.

Why Spray Foam Roofing Is A Wonderful Option

If you are in the process of looking for a better roof for your building, you will want to take some time to consider spray foam roofing as a viable option. To help you determine whether it is what you are looking for, you will want to read through the following benefits. There Are No Seams For Water To Seep Through When the spray foam roofing is applied, it is sprayed in a manner so it will adhere to itself.

Go Green When It Comes Time To Redo Your Roof

When it comes time to redo your roof, you might want to consider reusing an eco-conscious material in lieu of traditional asphalt materials. There are a variety of options that can help reduce your heat bill, as well as benefit the environment. Here are a few ideas. White Tile Roofing One interesting idea is to use a white tile roof. The benefit to using white colored roofing tiles is that they are perfect at reflecting the sun.

Selling Your Old House? Get the Roof in Good Shape First

If you are planning on putting your old house on the market, you are probably wondering what types of improvements you should make, if any, in order to help you clench a sale. While some improvements may be appealing to prospective homeowners, other improvements may be necessary, particularly when it comes to roofing. Before putting your house up for sale, it’s a good idea to make sure the roof is in good shape.

3 Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Company

Do you have a roof that’s starting to leak when it rains? Do you know that you need to have a new roof put on your home but you’re not sure how to find a good roofer? Choosing a roofing company can seem confusing, especially if you’ve never had to hire a roofing contractor before. Fortunately, asking a few simple questions can help you pick the right company for your roof.

What To Expect When You Get A New Roof

If you need a new roof on your house, you may be wondering what it entails. It may not be as simple as replacing the shingles. Sometimes the roof has to be rebuilt if the deck is rotted. Your contractor will give you an idea of what to expect after he or she has inspected your roof and determined what type of work needs to be done. Here is an overview of how a new roof is installed.

Ideas For Making Your Roof Environmentally Friendly

If you want your new roof to be energy efficient, there are a number of ideas you can explore. These concepts have a range of costs as well as a variety of effects on the environment. Whether you’re thinking about a new roof or just exploring ways to change your existing roof, here are some ideas to consider: Light Colored Roof A light colored roof doesn’t harness the sun like some of the other ideas on this list.

Professional Roofing Services: 3 Green Roofing Solutions for Water Retention on Sloped Roofs

Green roofs are not only beautiful but also great for the environment. You can take advantage of the additional space for gardening. Although they are beautiful and practical in many ways, green roofing systems can be a headache when it comes to maintenance. They require a lot more care and attention than standard and regular roofing systems. In fact, green roofs with pitches steeper than 2:12 require additional supplemental measures that will stabilize the media and prevent it from sliding.

Two Installations That Keep Your Flat Roof Penetrations From Leaking

If you have a business with a flat roof, then you may be concerned about water leaking through the rubber, PVC, or bitumen roof structure. Water may pool on the roof before it has an opportunity to drain, and this is a real concern around roof penetrations. Penetrations are areas where structures, like skylights, sit on the roof, and these areas can leak if they are not sealed correctly. Sealing should be completed during the initial installation of the flat roof, but it can be completed after installation if your roofing expert did not secure penetration protectors.

Adult Treehouses: Effective Uses Of Foam Roof Coatings

Tree houses are not just for kids anymore. The creativeness and expansion in the world of construction and tree houses has led to the creation of many amazing tree houses for adults. Whether you’re building a tree house for hanging out or everyday living, you have to be considerate of the natural environments around you. A tree house creates a unique setting that features a lot of different elements than a traditional home.

How To Repair A Rust Hole In A Steel Roofing Panel

Metal roofs can last for more than half a century, and correctly installed roofs generally need little maintenance. However, some metal roofs may develop small rust spots that need to be addressed before the rusted area gets larger and leaks form. In addition, a large rusted area will also require more extensive, costly repairs. Repairing small rusted areas on a metal roof is not difficult nor is it expensive, and most homeowners can perform the job themselves.

4 Reasons to Repair Your Roof Before Selling Your Home

When you are deciding whether you should invest the money to repair your roof before attempting to sell your home, there are several things to consider. For example, a roof repair can save you money compared to a roof replacement while making your home more attractive to potential buyers. If you need more reasons to choose a roof repair, here are still several reasons why you should consider repairing your roof before you sell your home.

Need A New Roof? Check Out These 3 New Trends In Roofing

When you’re getting ready to remodel your living room, you probably take the time to check out the current trends in interior design. And when you want to buy a new appliance for you home, you probably check out the newest features and models that are available. But when you need a new roof, do you take the time to check out what new trends are emerging in the roofing world, or do you just go with the same old thing that you had before?

5 Tips For Keeping Your Roof In Great Shape

A long-lasting roof is the key to a long-lasting home. However, many homeowners often make the mistake of putting off or even ignoring roof maintenance and care. This could have detrimental effects on the longevity and reliability of your roof. The following offers 5 crucial tips for ensuring your roof provides your home with many years of worry-free service. Keep It Clean Allowing dirt and debris to accumulate on your roof can cause a broad range of problems.

Prairie Style Perk Up: A Modern Rooftop Redo For An Old Classic

Once you fall in love with the look of a Prairie Style home, it’s hard to imagine there’s any way to improve upon its classic architectural lines. You’re right. The style that became famous by association with Frank Lloyd Wright still has strong visual appeal more than a century after it was introduced. If you’re fortunate enough to have invested in one of these treasures as your own home, updating its features to modern standards involves minimal changes to the design aesthetic.

How To Install Aluminum Flashing Around An Edge Of Your Chimney To Prevent Water Intrusion Into Your Roof

Any point-of-entry into the roof of your home is an opportunity for water to penetrate and cause damage in the attic. Chimneys are no exception to this rule, and proper care must be taken to prevent a destructive leak from forming around the edges of your chimney. That is why the installation of metal flashing is critical to preventing water intrusion. Below is a list of tools and materials needed, as well as a guide to installing metal flashing around your chimney:

5 Reasons To Remove Your Asphalt Shingles When You Have A Metal Roof Installed

One of the benefits of metal roofing is that on some occasions, it can be installed directly over your current roof. This reduces the cost of installation because you no longer have to pay to have your old roof removed. However, it is not always a good idea to install a metal roof over an old asphalt roof. Below are some of the reasons that you should consider having your old roof removed before installing a new metal roof.

Starting Your Own Bakery? What Will You Need To Consider When It Comes To Roofing And Ventilation?

If you’ve recently decided to take your small baking business from your kitchen to an independent storefront, you may be excited about the possibilities that await you with a larger baking area and direct access to the public. However, high initial overhead costs can sink a fledgling business – and operating multiple ovens in a small building with an inefficient air conditioning system or inadequately insulated roofing could cause your electricity costs to skyrocket.

5 Important Maintenance Tasks For Keeping A Commercial Green Roof Working Properly

Installing a commercial green roof is a great way to give your business an eco-friendly marketing edge, in addition to possibly saving you money on cooling costs by absorbing sunlight and deflecting heat. However, you’ll need to hire a team to handle the extra maintenance chores that come with this kind of roof or train your employees to take care of the tasks. Make sure you’re doing at least these five maintenance tasks on a regular basis to prevent your green roof from turning into a liability.

Preserving Your Roof: Drip Edges And Their Benefits

Most asphalt roofing structures last approximately 15 to 30 years before they need to be replaced entirely. Replacing the entire roof can be rather costly. Due to this reason, many roofing contractors will recommend implementing different tactics that can help preserve the integrity and condition of the roof, especially from elemental and environmental conditions. Drip edges, in particular, are highly recommended due to the numerous advantages that they bring to the homes. This article will introduce what drip edges are and the benefits that they provide.